SPS School conforms to a well designed academic architecture. Allocation of time to various scholastic and co-scholastic activities are done meticulously . Celebration of important days,annual day functions,student exchange programs and evaluation schedule are worked out in such a way that the students undergo a wholesome experience at the end of the academic year.

Academic Curriculum

Setting eyes on future goals

Children at the kindergarten level learn not just alphabet and numbers, but are nurtured physically, mentally and emotionally in a stress – free environment. Individual care is taken and the child is keenly observed to wave off any behavioral issues.

Emphasis is on children guided to adjust themselves physically, socially and emotionally to the new surroundings and elementary regulations. They are introduced to reading, writing and number work through Nursery, Rhymes, Storytelling and other creative works. Subjects taught are English, Mathematics, Drawing, Music & Craft, Indoor and outdoor games etc.

As they graduate to primary level, self learning becomes a way of life. Knowledge is not thrust upon them. They explore and develop the required skills for every subject. They develop reading habit which is dwindling these days. Once they read on their own, they’re able to solve the worksheets which are a significant feature of our curriculum. From this stage, students are prepared and are exposed to various competitive exams.

Assessment and Evaluation

Well Prepared well Attempt
Sunderban Public School has a well defined system of assessment and evaluation in place. Assessment at the kindergarten level is done on a day to day basis. The child is observed continuously and various skills in phonics, dramatics, manual dexterity and sensorial are assessed. The teacher also ensures that once the assessment is done, there is a gradual progress in the holistic development of the child.

Evaluation at the primary level focuses not only on written presentation of content but also on other areas of language development and projects. The overall personality of the child is assessed and scope and guidance is given for betterment. Every term has a unit test and a terminal examination. The slip tests and revision tests enable children to assimilate knowledge in small doses.

The Parents/Guardians will be informed of the progress of the children through Progress Report. They should carefully go through the Progress Report and return the same duly signed.

School Management Software

School Management Software is a set of a number of tools that lets the organization to smoothly run the School. The users being the ones connected with the institute like students, teachers, parents. The software includes various features right from maintaining the attendance to sending out progress letters to the parents. School management system lets the organization complete the various tasks which are less time consuming.

The benefits of the School Management Software is as follows:

  • Student Pre-admission management
  • Call Follow-ups
  • Student admission management
  • Test Management
  • Hall ticket generation
  • Club management
  • Exam time table creation
  • Transportation management
  • Student report card
  • manage parents details
  • manage sibling details
  • Staff Management
  • Utilities Management
  • manage incomes
  • Fee Payment
  • Time table creation
  • User Management
  • Expense management
  • Library Management
  • SMS/Email Management
  • Student Attendance
  • Issue items management
  • Reminders
  • Class management
  • Generation of Certificates
  • Section management
  • Reports


  • Students Merit awards will be given for the First and Second students (Common to Both Boys & Girls) in each section of each standard / class.
  • students who is rated “The Best” in all activities academic, extracurricular activities, Attendance, behaviour, turn out etc. will be awarded the “Best Student” Prize.
  • Championship award will be awarded to a boy student and a girl student based on their score in the sports and games and athletics, during the Annual Day Celebration.


Experience teachers you to teach
Entire teaching fraternity at Sunderban Public School is well qualified and trained to master the science of interactive teaching to the fineness of an art. Their dedication can be judged by the fact that they are always available to guide the students even after the regular school hours. The success of increasing number of students year after year is a proof of their dedication and well planned efforts.

Before teachers are entrusted with a class they are trained in all aspects of teaching methods and the philosophy of SRM Educational Trust in grooming a responsible citizen. All the newly recruited teachers and existing teachers in Sunderban Public School are put through an orientation course and have to undergo refresher courses. Each and every member of the faculty at Sunderban Public School provides the students personal counseling that helps them to overcome their individual obstacles on their way to success.

Teaching Staff

Sl# Name Designation Qualificaiton
1 Anjana Sinha HM cum Director M.Com, NTT
2 Moumita Manna Teacher M.A B.Ed
3 Madhumita Parvin Teacher M.A B.Ed
4 Samarpita Choudhary Teacher M.A B.Ed
5 Sayan Das Teacher M.A B.Ed
6 Rakesh Khatua Teacher M.A B.Ed
7 Shabnam Ansary Teacher M.A B.Ed
8 Trisha Das Teacher M.A B.Ed

Non Teaching Staff

Sl# Name Designation
1 Logeswaran Manager
2 Lakshmi Sardar Cleaner
3 Pear Ali Ghazi Driver


Syllabus for various classes will be strictly follow as per CBSE pattern and curriculum for various classes include Nursery Rhymes, English writing, English Grammar, Mathematics, Social Studies, Social Science, Bengali Language, Hindi Language, Rangoli, Basic Computer Knowledge, Painting, Fine Arts etc.

Extra-Curricular Activities

A case of mind over matter

Sunderban Public School has always believed that training for self defense and life saving skill is a vital part of education. Students of lower classes are taught Music, Art & Craft. Martial arts like karate and judo are not only taught to keep the student healthy but are also forms of self defense that are essential in the present circumstances.

Beside the activity area the institution also ensures that the students shape into healthy individuals through regular exercises and outdoor games. Coaching is also offered in common outdoor games. Every year Sports Day is organised by the school to provide the students a chance to demonstrate their skills in various activities.

A breath of fresh air, some sweat and lots of exercises increase the oxygen intake and thereby better metabolism. It also keeps the body well toned and fit. These activities also inculcate the spirit of teamwork, camaraderie and interdependence which is very essential for living in the society. It also develops the competitive spirit and readiness to face the challenges. Students at Sunderban Public School are divided into houses and competitions are held on an inter-house basis.

Co-Curricular Activities

The School gives equal importance to co-curricular and extra curricular activities to hone the latent talents of each child. Art and physical education are sewed within the regular time-table. The fun day (Saturday) is much awaited by the students who learn Karate, Dance, Music, Keyboard and Yoga. This apart, the child faces a different competition every month, mastering various skills unconsciously.

School Life

Individual Care

Sunderban Public School is not just a school, it is a family. Each child is given individual attention, just as they would get at home. Many schools only meet the child’s intellectual needs. But at SPS, all the needs of the child are met with understanding and appropriate care, be it physical, emotional, or intellectual.

The result is a school where the students are bright, confident and balanced individuals, in work and play. They cherish the love and nurturing which they receive and they respond positively. Many students comment that they feel as much a part of RBS as they feel with their family at home.

At Sunderban Public School , the child is not just a statistic or a roll number. Each individual is given importance, and their worth is appreciated. Each child’s birthday is a celebration, with the distribution of sweets and a special mention at the school assembly. The atmosphere at SPS is homely and loving. The staff and management genuinely care for the children, and for each other, and this shows their sincerity and dedication towards head individual care of the kids. 

Sunderban Public School  Emphasis on individual, group activities; indoor, outdoor activities. Experienced and caring teaching faculty. Separate book area for picture reading. Latest play equipment. Inter- active CDs, Home theatres. Installation of  LCD projectors. Splash Pool and other state of the art equipment are under process.

Faculty with command over subjects and commitment towards good results. Comprehensive study materials. Well-planned curriculum. Clarification of doubts, regular study hours, logical thinking, analytical thinking, reasoning and lateral thinking